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Hi! I'm Kelly Stuckey, Jr. I'm open for full-time opportunities in visual design for print and digital mediums in the Bay Area. 

I’m a visual designer with a BFA in graphic design from California College of the Arts. I’m currently a Consulting Brand Designer at Nextdoor, where I’m helping to build a communication platform for neighbors. Outside of work, I volunteer as a Design Instructor at Inneract Project, where I help to bring design education to underserved youth. I had the privilege of previously working with Fandom, Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD), and California College of the Arts

I am passionate about creating design solutions that educate and have a lasting impact on people across many cultures. I believe that the beauty and power of design lies in serving others. It is under that belief that I have always sought to make work that is significant, delightful, and most importantly—functional. 



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